100 million active users in two months

ChatGPT is becoming increasingly common in all sorts of discussions, as it’s a technology that has appeared seemingly out of nowhere and is about to rapidly change the way we work and consume content on the internet. It’s rare for something so new in technology to catch on so quickly, with ChatGPT’s user base growth rate outpacing that of TikTok, which enjoyed spectacularly rapid adoption a few years ago. Today 100 million users use ChatGPT every month, according to the latest market research.

Public interest in ChatGPT has been strong in the first two months of launch

OpenAI was happy to announce shortly after the launch of the public version of ChatGPT that it had reached 1 million users, but now that number has increased 100-fold in just a few months. Launched on 30 November 2022, ChatGPT managed to reach 57 million active users in its first month of availability. This means those users are coming back, not just visiting the service once and then forgetting about it.

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In January, the second month of availability, ChatGPT reached 100 million monthly active users, a feat that social media services like Instagram have only reached after two and a half years on the market.

The question for UBS analyst Lloyd Walmsley, however, is whether ChatGPT has the power to sustain such a high level of popularity. He questions the public’s curiosity, especially because it’s a new technology that many people haven’t heard of in the past: a bot that can hold human-level conversations and instantly generate complex answers to simple or more complicated questions.

Of course, as has already been demonstrated, ChatGPT isn’t exactly a “genius,” being able to only reproduce information from as far back as 2021 that it had access to during its “learning” period. Moreover, some of the information it provides with high confidence in its answers is completely wrong, or truncated.

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