Decentralized crypto exchange Mauve opens its doors

Mauvea platform focused on Real World Assets (RWA) and presented as the first DEX entirely conformsis now online.

After raising $15 million from Coinbase and Balderton in the spring for Mauvethe startup Violet launched its new decentralized crypto exchange.

A response to the FTX bankruptcy

Today, we are incredibly pleased to launch Mauve, the first RWA-focused non-depository exchange, fully AML compliant and VASP registered.” tweeted the project.

Violet co-founder Markus Maier said earlier this year that Mauve was “a direct response to the fallout from FTX “. “The future depends on the continued adoption of non-depository exchanges “he asserted.

The bankruptcy of the exchange headed by SBF has largely eroded the confidence in the centralized exchange platforms. In contrast to CEX DEX do not store their users’ crypto-currencies. They are, however, harder to get to grips with and generally more expensive to use. Adoption is therefore rather slow.

A DEX focused on Real World Assets (RWA)

Registered with the Monetary Authority of the Cayman Islands as a provider of digital asset services, Mauve is a fork of the popular Uniswap V3 exchange protocol.

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DEX, which operates as a non-depository automated market maker protocol, focuses on Real World Assets (RWA)tokenized versions of physical assets.

Real World Assets represent a multi-billion dollar on-chain opportunity. However, RWA issuers need a dedicated environment they can trust, with AML compliance, nuanced access controls and regulatory clarity. Mauve pools have the most advanced compliance controls in the industry,” says Mauve.

Earlier this month, Brine Fianother decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform, closed a Series A round of $16.5 million.

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