Polygon unveils version 2.0

With Polygon 2.0the Ethereum scalability solution will adopt a new architecture, tokenomics and governance. Ambition: to build the value layer which will democratize access toglobal economy.

Polygon Labsthe startup behind the famous layer2introduced yesterday Polygon 2.0a set of updates aimed at “radically” reinventing almost every aspect of the protocol, including its architecturesa tokenomics and its governance.

Our vision for Polygon is simple: build the value layer of the Internet […] The Internet democratized access to information; the Value Layer democratizes access to the global economy. It enables decentralized finance, digital property, new coordination mechanisms and much more,” Polygon Labs wrote in a blog post.

The publisher of the scalability solution dedicated to Ethereum plans to publish a roadmap and to present in greater detail the components of Polygon 2.0. He will discuss the future of Polygon PoS and the evolution of MATICits native token.

Polygon 2.0 is a network of ZK-powered L2 chains, unified via a new inter-chain coordination protocol. To a user, the entire network will feel like a single chain,” says Polygon Labs.

In March, the company opened the beta Polygon zkEVM main network.

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