Dacia with a million kilometers on board is sold with a small fortune: what is its story, how much does it cost

If you have a fascination for classic cars, you might be excited about buying a Dacia 1300 car with no less than a million kilometers on board.

Over the years, they have made several classic editions of Dacia with a fabulous number of kilometers around the internet. These are a further confirmation that if you take care of a car, even a very expensive one, you have a good chance of having a human life. This time, we are talking about a Dacia 1300 from 1975.

Dacia 1300 from 1975 with 1,000,000 kilometers

On mobile.de, one of the most important car sales sites in Europe, appeared this month a Dacia manufactured in 1975 at the plant in Mioveni, Argeș County. This is an orange Dacia 1300, as you can see in the pictures below.

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Created in 1975, the car left the Mioveni plant is registered as a historic vehicle and had only one owner during this period. It is sold by a dealer in the German city of Halle, 42 kilometers from Leipzig. The price requested by the owner is 3850 euros, approximately 19,000 lei.

The Dacia 1300 produced 47 years ago is built around an engine of 1289 cubic centimeters and has 54 horsepower. The car has black upholstery and the front seats are protected with covers. It is important to note that the owner is a non-smoker and has endeavored to take special care of the car, which is also evident in the pictures in the ad.

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It is important to note that this is far from the most expensive classic Dacia on mobile.de. With years of manufacturing between 1975 and 1983, at this time, we are talking about five Dacia 1300 cars available for sale, with purchase values ​​between 1000 and 12,490 euros. Being historic vehicles, they are immune to pollution laws and you can register them without any problems.

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