D23 Expo 2022, one of Disney’s most impressive displays

These days in Anaheim, USA, one of the biggest Disney-branded events is taking place, and the PlayTech team went to take the pulse of the events live.

The D23 Disney Expo 2022 is an event dedicated to fans of the vast Disney world, and without fail, it’s a true showcase of the kind we rarely get to see.

Clearly, such an event is not to be seen in Romania. Not now, not in the foreseeable future.

What exactly is happening at D23 Expo 2022

Disney’s D23 Expo 2022 is taking place these days in Anaheim, California, September 9-11, 2022. Here, in a huge arena located in close proximity to Disneyland Anaheim, you can literally and figuratively see samples of the mastery of Lucasfilm, Marvel, The Simpsons, etc.

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Star Wars at D23 Expo – photo: PlayTech.ro/ Iulia KELT
Marvel at D23 Expo – photo: PlayTech.ro/ Iulia KELT

Disney Legends Awards, The Magic of Disney and Pixar, as well as details of The Musical: The Extravaganza, for undeniable fans of this cinematic and, why not, theatrical genre after all.

D23 Expo 2022 is, in a few words, overwhelming, in a good way. Try as you might to encompass it all, this is simply impossible. A lavish space, with booths upon booths where you can “play” with your favorite characters from any Disney or related branded production, a giftshop where you can return home with collectibles, but also with memories for yourself or your loved ones.

Without a doubt, attending an event like this is an experience of a lifetime, especially if you grew up and then grew up with Disney. Walt’s world of reflection is so vast that anyone can find their place in it.

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Incidentally, it should be noted that this year, the colossus turns 100, so the Disney Legends Induction Ceremony marked the event fittingly, with Disney CEO Bob Chapek giving assurances that this is just the beginning, with many surprises to be announced soon.


D23 Expo 2022 managed to bring together fans from all over the world, many of them dressed as their favorite characters.

We remind you that, among other things, Disney+ is currently operating in Romania, and judging by what you could see in Anaheim, at D23 Expo, you have every reason to keep an eye on them in the future.

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