Cristina Fernandez’s attacker and his partner allegedly acted with premeditation, according to the Argentine justice system

The Argentine Justice has determined that the attacker of the country’s vice-president, Fernando Sabag Montiel and his partner, Brenda Uliarte, would have acted “with planning and prior agreement”, taking advantage of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s “state of defenselessness”.

This is what has transpired during the night of Wednesday from judicial sources to which ‘La Nación’ has had access, detailing that the young woman — who testified on Tuesday — was in the vicinity of the place and had knowledge that her partner had the firearm with which he later tried to assassinate the former president.

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The indictment clearly reads that Sabag Montiel is accused of having pointed at Fernández de Kirchner “towards her face with a 32 caliber Bersa Lusber 84 semiautomatic single action pistol with the numbering ‘25037’ on the left side of the barrel, activating the tail of the trigger on at least one occasion without firing despite the fact that it was loaded with five bullet cartridges of the same caliber and was suitable for its specific purpose”.

“The referred event had previous planning and agreement. Brenda Uliarte was present in the vicinity of the place where they arrived together, having determined that they had been in possession of the seized firearm with its ammunition since the date prior to the event,” reported the news agency Télam.

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All this description of the fact and the evidence point to the fact that both could be prosecuted for attempted aggravated homicide, aggravated by the presence of two or more persons, by the state of defenselessness of the victim, by the premeditation and by the use of a weapon with the numbers filed.

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