Crazy new camera doesn’t need a lens

Camera without lenses or lenses?  AI makes it possible.  (Image: Bjørn Karmann)

Camera without lenses or lenses? AI makes it possible. (Image: Bjørn Karmann)

The tools and gadgets with AI support are just springing up. To keep track of things, there are portals like Future Tools, which introduce you to various software projects with AI integration.

However, a lot is also happening in terms of hardware. The best example of this is provided by the Dutch designer Bjørn Karmann. He developed a camera that can take photos without a lens. She doesn’t even have a single lens.

The project is called Paragraphica and, according to its website, offers a way to experience the world around us without limiting us to visual perception.

Even though Karmann has developed a physical camera, you still have the opportunity to test the function yourself on the website. But be careful: The developer is currently warning of high user numbers and asks for your understanding for any malfunction.

How does the AI ​​camera work?

Bjørn Karmann with his Paragraphica.  (Image: Bjørn Karmann)

Bjørn Karmann with his Paragraphica. (Image: Bjørn Karmann)

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It’s pretty hard to imagine at first: A camera without a lens. It’s like seeing without eyes. But it is actually doable.

Bjørn Karmann came up with the idea of ​​using location data instead of a lens. The camera checks your position and line of sight and then creates a suitable image with the help of the integrated AI.

The AI ​​camera is equipped with three physical controls, which allow the user to control the data and AI parameters. This helps affect the overall appearance of the photos. A real-time description will appear on the screen to help you determine what type of scene she will be capturing.

For example, one of the photos featured on the Paragraphica website states:

A midday photo from Cliffordstraat in Amsterdam. The weather is partly cloudy and has 18 degrees. The date is Wednesday 24 May 2023. There is a parking lot and a yoga studio nearby.

This information is sent through the AI, which creates a photo of the area.

link to Twitter content

In a tweet, Karmann shows how the camera works and compares the image to the actual scene he’s in.

Why a camera without a lens?

For all of you who are asking about the meaning behind the AI ​​camera, Karmann has these words ready:

»[Sie] enables a deeper insight into the essence of a moment through the perspective of other intelligences«

It is important for him to be able to see the world as an AI might see it. He believes that this will become more important in the future.

A commercially available version of the camera is not planned.

Would you buy such a camera if it were to come onto the market? What do you think of the photos she takes? Have you tried it yourself? What advantages would such a camera bring you? Which disadvantages are a no-go for you? As always, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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