Conservative MPs publicly push for Truss to leave UK government “this week”.

Three Conservative MPs have publicly called Sunday for UK Prime Minister Liz Truss to quit the British government, amid rumors that pressure on her to resign will take effect this week.

MPs Crispin Blunt, Andrew Bridgen and Jamie Wallis have publicly called on Sunday night for the prime minister to resign.

However, Liz Truss — who has been in government for only six weeks — will meet with moderate Conservative MPs this week in an attempt to win over a large section of the party.

Crispin Blunt MP has explained that “most MPs understand that Prime Minister Truss’s authority is now fatally flawed.”

“She has to go, as she cannot hold — or earn — the trust of her colleagues, let alone the public or the relentless media,” Blunt has written on his website.

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“The main emotional reactions to his public presentation are now a mixture of anger, contempt and pity. It is a blinding glimpse of the obvious that this cannot and should not continue,” he added, before assessing as “brave and bold” Truss’ policy proposal, which, however, has “clashed with today’s harsh economic reality.”

Thus, he has indicated that his party “has to respond collectively to this moment of supreme crisis.” Blunt considered that the appointment of Jeremy Hunt as Finance Minister is a “necessary but insufficient” measure in terms of the change in the top of the cabinet.

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In the same line has been Andrew Bridgen, who in an interview with ‘The Daily Telegraph’ has declared that this cannot go on like this: “Our country, the people and the party deserve better”.

Jamie Wallis was the third Conservative MP to call for Truss’s resignation, because he had “undermined the economic credibility” of the country, while he had also “irreparably fractured” the party.

Wallis has written a letter directly to the prime minister indicating to her that “enough is enough” because she “does not have the support of the country,” he posted on his Twitter account.

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