Alert for the mixture of bronchiolitis, covid and influenza in hospitals in Catalonia

All the respiratory infections are increasing in Catalonia, especially since the last week. Its incidence has risen by 14%. these days. The flu has doubled its incidence in the last seven days. The respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), responsible for diseases such as bronchiolitis, is saturating pediatric EDs and ICUs. The covid-19 is no less: the rate has risen from 133 to 143 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and the pressure of care is growing (on the hospital ward and not in the ICUs), with 675 patients admitted (38 more than last week, according to the latest balance of the Conselleria de Salut corresponding to this Tuesday.

The general emergencies in Catalan hospitals are already noticing this saturation of patients with respiratory infections and chronic patients, which was usual in the pre-pandemic years. Yesterday at the Hospital del Mar there were 208 patients in its emergency room, when there is capacity for 96, and some were in the corridors. Sources at the center qualify that the Monday there is usually a peak of visitors.

Epidemiologists, however, believe that the coronavirus incidence is higher, since in Spain only severe cases or cases that are over 65 years of age. “Covid-19 is increasing. We are concerned that it is starting to make cold, will come on December long weekend and Christmas and we can repeat the history of other years,” he says. Joan Caylà, member of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology (SEE). He also warns that, along with the coronavirus, other respiratory viruses are on the rise. “There may come a time when we will have a lot of covid, a lot of influenza and a lot of RSV. We could get to a worrisome situation.” he adds.

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This is why Caylà calls for the continued use of the mask on public transport and to continue to make progress in covid and influenza vaccination. And he believes it’s a mistake to think the pandemic is over. “Right now we are at a point that could be similar to last year.” he assesses. In 2021, on the eve of the Constitution Day holiday, covid-19 infections skyrocketed.

Respiratory infections

According to data updated Tuesday by the Information System for Infection Surveillance in Catalonia. (Sivic), corresponding to the week of November 14 to 20, the incidence of the whole of acute respiratory infections (ARI) increases sharply, a 14%, although it is still at low epidemic levels.

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Among the circulating viruses, the most frequent remains the. rhinovirus (21.8% of the sentinel system samples), followed by the coronavirus (18.4%), the influenza (rising from 7.6% to 14.2%) and the VRS (that of bronchiolitis), which represents 11.8%.

Specifically, the estimated incidence of influenza doubles, from 51 to 109 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which, according to Sivic, appears to “the beginning of an epidemic peak. which, if the trend is confirmed, would be early in relation to other seasons”, since it would start three to four weeks earlier than usual. The same has happened with RSV.

As for the covid-19, the rate rises from 133 to 143 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and is currently there are 675 admitted, 38 more than last week. The ucis however, they continue stable, in about twenty patients: in the last seven days they have fluctuated from 21 to 24 critical. The deaths by covid son 11 in the last week, compared to 30 in the previous week.

The covid vaccination coverage. continues to increase, to 69% in those over 80 years of age and to 43% if all persons aged 60 years and older are taken into account.

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