Colombian government waives extradition of two ELN negotiators

The Colombian government has sent a note to the Cuban authorities informing them of its renunciation of the extradition of two of the representatives of the National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrillas, a gesture that would shore up the budding peace talks.

The document, to which the radio station Caracol Radio has had access, has been sent to the Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez, and refers to Israel Ramírez Pineda, alias ‘Pablo Beltrán’ and Víctor Orlando Cubides, ‘Aureliano Carbonell’ or ‘Pablo Tejada’.

The document explains that the Government has requested the suspension of the arrest warrants issued against the members of the guerrilla delegation, but a court of Execution of Sentences and Security Measures of Antioquia had not annulled the warrants for Ramirez and Cubides, key members in the process.

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For this reason, they notify the Cuban government that they are waiving this extradition request in order to continue taking steps in this eventual peace process.

“According to Resolution 177 of 2022, arrest warrants and extradition requests will not be made effective, generating legal security for members of the ELN delegation” explains the document.

Finally, the Government assures that it maintains the firm and unequivocal decision to initiate a negotiation process with the ELN within the framework of all guarantees and legal security for both the parties and the guarantor countries involved.

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