ChromeOS 104 update brings one of the most requested interface changes

ChromeOS, Google’s operating system, recently received a new update, which is starting to appear on more users’ computers. It is now up to version 104, and includes one of the most requested features: the ability to change the interface of the entire system from an “open” to a “dark” theme, as found on most modern operating systems. Of course, the system also comes with backgrounds that change their colour theme depending on the chosen interface theme.

The new ChromeOS now has a “dark mode” similar to other operating systems on the market

ChromeOS is only available on Chromebook or Chromebox devices, but recently Google also released a version compatible with systems that don’t come from the factory with the OS pre-installed. So those using the ChromeOS Flex version will eventually get this update too.

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Until now, the ChromeOS interface only offered an open color theme, “Night Light,” which allowed you to change the color tint to a more yellow one for convenience in use after sunset. This was similar to what other systems call “reader mode”. But now, after the update to ChromeOS 104, two new options appear in the interface settings menu. The ability to permanently change the theme to a dark one, “dark”, and the ability to change the theme automatically depending on the time of day.

chromeos dark mode

For some devices, Google says that the dark theme will consume less power, presumably referring to devices using OLED displays, which could reduce consumption when displaying predominantly dark shades of color.

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The update has already started rolling out to users, but like other updates from Google, it’s being rolled out in several waves so as not to clog up download servers. So if you don’t have the ChromeOS 104 update yet, you’ll have to wait a few more days until it propagates to all compatible systems.

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