Chrome will display a new alert, preventing you from accidentally closing active tabs

Added a long time ago in the PC version, Chrome’s one-touch closing of all active tabs creates some issues for Android users.

According to Google, a not insignificant number of users of Android versions accidentally trigger the “Close all tabs” button, closing the web browsing session without wanting it. This, although the option is only accessible after visiting the tab list, in a dedicated menu.

By comparison, in the PC version, the only way to accidentally close all active tabs is to use the “X” button to close the Chrome window, but the list remains saved and is restored the next time you start the application. Even so, Google will add a new dialog in the Chrome version for PC, requesting confirmation of the simultaneous closing of all active tabs in the web browser.

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google chrome

The changes will be present starting with Chrome 100, which is currently available for testing at Chrome Canary.

The bad news is for users who open “certain” tabs in the Chrome browser, possibly using Incognito mode, with the intention of closing them before anyone else can take a prying eye. Closing the tabs will take at least a few extra seconds, corresponding to the new dialog displayed in the application interface.

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