Chrome users will be able to leave notes directly on visited sites

Google is about to add the option to bookmark and leave various notes directly on visited websites to the Chrome browser.

What could be more convenient than bookmarking the information you’re interested in directly on the site where you found it and saving that address to your bookmarks collection. Soon you’ll be able to do this directly from Chrome tabs, with Google already testing functionality inspired by note apps.

The news was revealed on Reddit, by a user who reviewed code from the latest Chrome Canary release. How the new feature is used is as simple as it gets.

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All you have to do is right-click anywhere on the page and choose the Add a note option from the displayed menu. Next, you can select the portion of text that interests you and even add your own notes, which will appear clearly highlighted across the web page.

The added notes would appear in a side panel displayed on the right of the web page, listing all notes left on a particular page. The way notes are displayed is not very different from the system used in the Google Docs app, with the new feature appearing most likely to be familiar to users of Google’s other Office products.

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Given that the first hints about adding notes support to Google Chrome appeared as early as March, it probably won’t be long before we see the new feature officially announced, for all web browser users.

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