Children’s show Bluey labeled ‘toxic’ for episode about exercise –

Bluey – the Australian children’s cartoon about a blue dog and her family – is an incredibly popular show among children and their parents. Even if you’re not a parent yourself, you’ve probably heard people talk about this show and how it portrays themes of imagination, family cohesion and more in a digestible way.

However, Bluey has recently come under fire for an episode of season 3 titled Exercise. In the episode, Bluey’s father Bandit feels upset when he steps on the scale and sees that he has gained weight. He grabs his stomach and decides it’s time to do something about his health. This has people up in arms claiming the episode is fatphobic.

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After pressure from viewers, DisneyDining reports that ABC has agreed to re-edit the episode to avoid this controversial material. A debate has arisen online about whether it is okay to show this type of content to children because some say it can cause eating disorders, while others feel it is important to show these issues and portray health as an important thing to watch in our lives.

Children's show Bluey labeled 'toxic' for episode about exercise

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