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The Candela C-8 is a pretty unique boat in that it technically flies. Well, it can’t sprout wings and take you on the same journey as an airplane could, but it does float a few feet above the water thanks to stilts attached to hydrofoils that cut through the waves.

The C-8 is a luxury watercraft made by Swedish marine manufacturer Candela, but the battery is made by electric vehicle company Polestar. The EV company is best known for land vehicles, but on this occasion collaborated with Candela to create a very unique boat.

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With increased performance, once it gets to about 16 knots, the Candela C-8 takes off, with most of it not touching the water below. This makes it feel more like a hovercraft than a traditional boat. Candela also promises to release a floating ferry that can support people commuting in Stockholm.

See more information about the Candela C-8 here . Thanks to Wired for the story.

Check out this flying boat

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