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NACON and Eko Software have released a new gameplay trailer of Welcome to ParadiZe. The trailer takes a look at various aspects of this multiplayer open-world game that combines survival, combat and crafting. Welcome to ParadiZe will be released February 29, 2024 for PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

You won’t get far without zombots
To survive in ParadiZe, you must capture your own zombots, after which they will follow and protect you. These loyal minions are actually zombies controlled by you. With a revolutionary hacking helmet, you can control how they will behave!

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Prepare for the adventure
In ParadiZe, you need more than your own zombie guards to survive. Prepare for expeditions to dangerous new environments by equipping yourself with the best weapons, armor and other items with surprising features. In addition, you can equip your zombots to suit any task!

Explore your environment
In every environment you can find storerooms, items and precious materials. Unfortunately, these are invariably defended by hordes of zombies and other enemies that you have to skin with a machete or rifle. Along the way, you will meet strange characters who could well use your help – but consider carefully what this means for your own chances of survival!

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Build and defend your camp
Use your resources, brains and what’s left of your zombots to build your camp and make it self-sufficient – even when you’re not around. Place your traps carefully and program your zombots in clever ways to leave your base behind for new adventures without worry!

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