Champions Queue returns for MSI 2023

The MSI 2023 is approaching and the League of Legends Champions Queue will open its doors on April 30. As they welcome London and players from around the world, the MSI Champions Queue will become available. They will ensure that participants can practice in a high-level environment against other competitors.

What is the Champions Queue?

It is an adaptive, invitation-only League of Legends system that allows professional and developing players to practice in an organized environment. All eligible players will be given access to the server, where they will plan, monitor and organize matches with each other.

How does it work?

It is organized in a very similar way to Mundial. There will be administrators who will act as points of contact for players if they run into any problems and who will be responsible for ensuring that the player experience is as smooth as possible. In order to provide players with a low-latency environment prior to MSI, the tournament server will be moved to the closest MSI server, the one in Frankfurt. In addition, players and spectators with access to the Champions Queue will be able to stream without any problems.

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On the other hand, champions who are not available at MSI 2023 will not be available in the tournament’s Champions Queue either. Players will be able to pause the game for technical problems and emergencies. However, it must continue after 10 minutes if one of the teams wants to end the pause.

Given the high skill level of all players and the small number of players in the queue, the pairing will prioritize the time in queue when generating games. When a game has been formed, the teams will be balanced taking into account the MMR.

Who are invited to participate?

You need to meet one of the following requirements to qualify for the MSI 2023 Champions Queue:

  • Be an MSI 2023 player (including substitutes). Be a player in the main lineup of the LEC.
  • Be a player in the regional leagues, or an LEC substitute, and be a contender in 2023 on the normal servers (this does not refer to the highest ranking, but the current ranking).
  • Be a player belonging to leagues participating in MSI and be training in EMEA.
  • Be a player from the regional leagues or a vetted ex-professional and be approved by the EMEA champions queue player council.
  • Ex-professionals are those players who have participated in at least two splits in a LoL region participating in MSI.
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Who can stream the Champions Queue?

They usually strongly encourage players to rebroadcast games, but they may not rebroadcast while MSI broadcasts are taking place. There does not need to be a delay in the broadcasts and there should be a maximum of 15 viewers per game.

When will the Champions Queue be activated?

It will open its doors on April 30 and will remain active until May 21 (although it may cease to be available earlier if there are fewer teams available). It will be available to approved players on a daily basis from 20:00 (local time) to 02:00 (local time). The secondary queue will become available at 01:00 (local time).

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