Chad bans young women from leaving the country without parental permission

The Chadian authorities have announced a ban on young women leaving the country without a permit from their parents with the declared aim of dealing with migratory flows “for the purpose of exploitation” of these people, especially in countries of the Persian Gulf.

The Chadian Minister of Security, Idriss Dokony Adiker, has explained that the authorities have noted that since 2017 there has been an influx of women traveling to the Persian Gulf through agencies based in Chad under labor promises that are then unfulfilled, which he has described as “21st century slavery.”

Thus, he stressed that these women are deprived of their telephone or passport upon arrival and assured that most of those contacted have expressed their desire to return to the country, while emphasizing that “it has not been said that the young women cannot travel”, as reported by the Chadian news portal Tchad Infos.

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“The note specifies that young girls who travel to be exploited in certain countries should not travel. This concerns only one category of young women, not young women who want to study or young women in general,” stressed Dokony Adiker, who did not specify the age range affected by this measure.

However, the Chadian League for Human Rights (LTDF) has criticized the decision of the authorities and said that it goes against fundamental freedoms, while calling for its annulment. In this regard, it stressed that it is the duty of the authorities to deal with human trafficking networks and to control suspects, without taking measures against the general population.

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On the other hand, the NGO has stressed that the measure is “sexist” and is “an attack on women’s rights.” “It is not only women who are victims of human trafficking networks, there are also numerous men who are. That is why we wonder why the decision affects only young people and women,” he reiterated.

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