Catalonia will vaccinate the entire population with the fourth dose in the CAPs starting this Monday.

Catalunya Will start vaccinating with the fourth dose of the covid-19 vaccine to those under 60 years of age. starting next Monday. The ‘conseller’. Manel Balcells points out that they are working on the procedure to be carried out, once the Public Health Commission approved its administration on Thursday. Although the operation is not yet closed, everything points to the fact that this time the general population who so wish will be vaccinated. at the CAPs and not in the vaccinodromes. In fact, the Generalitat will close this Monday the vaccination point against covid-19 at Fira de Barcelona, opened in April 2021 and which was the main mass vaccination site in Catalonia. In contrast, the Department of Health plans to open a space in Casa Seat, in the center of the city.

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Balcells has also assured that the system is prepared to withstand the situation of current triple epidemic, with bronchiolitis on the decline, but while increasing covid and influenza, the peak of which is expected next week. “The system is stressed, but It will hold.” he said.

Sources from Salut point out that, in the next few hours, the CAPs will be provided with the indications in relation to vaccination for persons under 60 years of age. In principle, if a person wants to be vaccinated, he/she should go to a health center.

Low coverage of the fourth dose

In Catalonia, the 40% of people over 60 years of age and people at risk have already received the fourth dose of covid-19 (or second booster dose), according to data from the Sistema d’Informació per a la Vigilància d’Infeccions a Catalunya (Sivic). But it is a “still small” percentage, according to Pere Domingo, internist at the Hospital de Sant Pau. “Above 60 years of age there are more risk of mortality. There are several studies that say so. That percentage should be higher.” he states. Domingo calls on the entire population over 60 or at risk to get vaccinated, something that can be done by making an appointment through La Meva Salut or by calling the CAP.

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Domingo regrets that people are “tired.” and no longer takes this fourth dose so seriously. He believes that the Conselleria de Salut should focus more on advertising campaigns promoting this jab. “If you are over 60 you are at risk from covid. Get a reminder dose; the best way not to die from this disease is to have a antibody level as high as possible.” he notes.

According to Sivic, among the over 80 years of age the coverage of the fourth dose is 74%; among those aged 70 to 79 years, of 56%; and among those aged 60 to 69 years, of. 36%.

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