Twitter rival Threads launches to millions of users -.

While many on Twitter have grown accustomed to the reign of our new overlord Elon Musk, there are plenty of people who want to break away from his rule and dive to a new platform. Enter Threads, Meta’s new social media app.

Threads is pitched as a friendly rival to Twitter and has attracted millions of users in the first hours after its launch. It is available in the UK but not in the EU because of regulatory laws, but Meta is exploring a launch in that area.

Some have reported posting issues with threads, but these may just be teething problems with the app as it faces a huge amount of people trying to get on board at the same time. There are concerns about data theft and the algorithm being as toxic as Twitter and Instagram, but there is also hope for Threads. Zuck even thinks it could one day be bigger than Twitter.

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Thanks, BBC.

Twitter rival Threads launches to millions of users

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