Buy now with 2nd controller and €100 cashback

The PS5 Digital Edition is particularly cheap with a mobile phone contract.

The PS5 Digital Edition is particularly cheap with a mobile phone contract.

Die PS5 Digital Edition you can now buy cheaper on offer at curved by means of a mobile phone contract. The popular console is available in a bundle with a second DualSense wireless controller. You will also receive €100 cashback, which makes the price even more attractive.

To the PS5 bundle with contract

The offer for the PS5 with contract at a glance

This is what the PS5 costs you with a contract:

  • One-time device price: 1€
  • Shipping costs: €4.99
  • Connection fee: 0€
  • Monthly base price for 36 months: €32.99
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You have to pay directly, so you have to pay €5.99. In addition, there is a fee of €32.99 per month over 36 months. The offer will cost you a total of €1,193.63.

This is what you get with the offer:

  • PS5 Digital Edition
  • 2. DualSense wireless controller in white
  • 100€ Cashback
  • O2 M tariff with 25 GB data volume, which increases by 5 GB annually
  • 5G network with up to 300 MBit/s
  • Allnet flat rate for calls and SMS in Germany

This is how attractive the offer is in the end: Due to the cashback, the total price drops to €1,093.63. You can also deduct the RRP for the PS5 Digital Edition of €449.99 from the price. In addition, the current best price for the DualSense controller is around €64.

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This leaves an effective tariff of €579.64 for three years or €16.10 per month. That is a very good price for this tariff and you will receive the extras at the current best price in this invoice.

To the PS5 bundle with contract

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