Bullet train erupts as wrestlers battle it out -.

As someone who has been on a bullet train, I can say two things about the process. First, it’s much more expensive than you think, and second, sometimes it doesn’t really feel like you’re going 180 mph. Of course, if it felt like a roller coaster, it wouldn’t really be a great trip, but on a recent trip from Tokyo to Nagoya, two wrestlers decided to spice up their travel experience.

Minoru Suzuki fought Sanshiro Takagi in a match that spanned an entire wagon of a bullet train. This was not a random event, as the company that employed the two wrestlers, DDT, bought out the carriage in advance so that those who sat in the seats knew what they were getting into.

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The brawl saw the two crack each other around the head and slam each other’s heads into the floor of the train as it traveled through Japan at top speeds. Suzuki eventually won the fight, knocking his opponent down for the 3 count with a piledriver.

Previously, DDT has had wrestlers fight in a bookstore and a campground. Where do you think would be the weirdest place for a wrestling match?

Bullet train erupts as wrestlers battle it out

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