Built in 2021, an annex of the Moises Broggi remains empty and unused.

In 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, Catalonia inaugurated five buildings attached to five other major hospitals, in principle to expand beds and services, especially for the critically ill.

The hospitals were Hospital de Bellvitge, Germans Trias i Pujol (popularly Can Ruti, in Badalona), the Arnau de Vilanova (Lleida), the Pere i Virgili (Barcelona) and the Moisès Broggi (Sant Joan Despí). But the latter is currently empty and does not attend any patients due to lack of health personnel.

And is that the fall of both flu cases and covid has not managed to decongest the hospital, according to medical sources explain to this newspaper, in the emergencies of the Broggi these days there were nurses who carried each one to 22 patients in the emergency room.

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Precisely these patients, who should be transferred to the ward cannot and have to wait in the ED. And all this while the Broggi satellite hospitalwhich was built in 2021 to decongest the covid, remains completely empty and without patients, due to insufficient staff.

Unions and doctors had already warned at the time of the lack of doctors and nurses, no matter how many satellite hospitals were built. That there was no point in building new infrastructure if there are no hands. And that is precisely what is happening.

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In this episode we chat with El Periódico journalist Beatriz Pérez, specialist in health and sanitation issues.

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