Bolivia proposes a high-level commission to mediate between Russia and Ukraine

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Bolivia has proposed this Wednesday before the United Nations the creation of a high-level commission of guarantor states to resolve the war between Russia and Ukraine, after having abstained in the vote condemning the Russian annexation of Ukrainian territories.

“We advocate peace and we consider that this resolution, unfortunately, does not contribute to our being able to find peace, that is why we have proposed and we are going to promote the formation of a high-level commission of guarantor states, recognized and accepted by the countries in conflict and headed by António Guterres, to resolve this crisis,” stressed the Bolivian Foreign Minister, Rogelio Mayta, according to the ABI agency.

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Likewise, Mayta has demanded a “more active” role of the UN in the resolution of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in which there are, according to the head of the Bolivian diplomacy, “hegemonic interests”, making allusions to the United States, which militarily supports Ukraine.

“It is inadmissible that the United Nations cannot take a more decisive, more categorical decision to achieve a diplomatic solution,” the foreign minister insisted, announcing that he will intensify efforts to form the proposed high-level commission.

Bolivia is not the first Latin American country to propose a diplomatic commission to mediate between Russia and Ukraine.

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Last September 23, on the occasion of the 77th UN General Assembly, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrarb proposed a diplomatic entourage composed of the UN Secretary General, as well as high-profile international leaders such as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Pope Francis.

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