Bogota investigates if new discovery of three bodies is related to a wave of violence

The Metropolitan Police of Bogota has found in the early hours of Saturday morning three corpses in two locations of the Colombian capital, so it is investigating whether these cases are related to the latest crimes that warn of a violent wave.

Police director, General Herny Sanabria, has informed that the victims are two women found in Ciudad Bolivar –in the south of Bogota– and a woman in Usaquen –in the northeast of the capital.

“We are in an inspection of the facts and inspection to corpse. And of course, Legal Medicine will tell us what was the cause and mechanism of these three deaths to guide the investigations,” explained Sanabria in statements reported by the newspaper ‘El Colombiano’.

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In both situations it is being investigated whether the crimes are related to previous findings of victims in the city, as well as the responsibility for the alleged murders, local media have reported.

The victims had blunt force injuries and gunshot wounds.

Last Monday, local authorities found three other corpses. Two of them were in a garbage container in Engativá –in the northwest of Bogotá– and a third one was found in Suba –in the north of the city– by a group of garbage collectors.

According to the Bogota City Hall, at least nine illegal organizations were identified that could be behind the wave of violence that is being registered in the city. These groups would be involved in micro-trafficking activities.

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In this sense, the criminal group Tren de Aragua, originally from Venezuela, was pointed out. For this reason, the mayor of the city, Claudia Lopez, requested that judicial cooperation efforts with the neighboring country be expedited in order to attack the members of the illegal organization.

Thus, the ‘number two’ of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, responded to Lopez and rejected the request. “For a change, the lady blames Venezuela. If you have the Aragua Train there, throw whatever you want at it, those do not hurt the Venezuelan Government because we have nothing to do with them”, he assured.

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