Bob Marley’s Range Rover goes up for auction next month -.

If you’re thinking about buying a new car, why not consider a rusty old Range Rover once owned by reggae legend Bob Marley. As Top Gear reports, the beat-up old vehicle (thought only to have been previously owned by the musician) will appear at auction next month, meaning you can place a bid in hopes of bringing it to your garage.

At Classic Car Auctions, it became clear that the car probably belonged to Marley when it was revealed that it was registered to a Robert Nesta Marley, and given that it was originally (before rust put a serious number on it) to be painted a combination of black, green and blue, all by Marley’s children.

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As for how much the Range Rover might eventually sell for, it is thought it could go for more than £130,000, although we will know for sure when the auction takes place at the end of March.

Bob Marley's Range Rover goes up for auction next month

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