Black Desert Mobile’s new region and class comes June 27 – That’s Gaming

Korean publisher and developer Pearl Abyss announced today that the Everfrost region and Guardian class will arrive in Black Desert Mobile on Tuesday, June 27. Everfrost introduces an enchanted Eversnow-themed event map, offering an engaging gaming experience with a special story surrounding the new region. To celebrate, Black Desert Mobile is hosting an in-game event that invites adventurers to experience the Eversnow Valley in advance.
Following the trailer showcasing Black Desert Mobile’s highly anticipated upcoming region, developer commentary was released to give players additional details and deeper insight into what to expect from the game. One of the early and beloved NPCs, Nana Margot, introduces the Everfrost region – a land where players must brace themselves against freezing weather and defeat blood-curdling enemies.

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In addition to the Everfrost region, Pearl Abyss has introduced the new female Guardian class, a powerful warrior dedicated to protecting the icy mountains. Equipped with a colossal battle axe and a battle shield, the Guardian will storm into enemy lines without hesitation. She delivers relentless blows to her enemies and shows no mercy.

To celebrate the upcoming updates, Black Desert Mobile Adventurers with a character level above 70 or with the character Combat Power higher than 5,000 can participate in the Eversnow Valley event until Monday, June 26. During the event period, players can go to and explore the Eversnow Valley for 20 minutes. By defeating monsters in the valley, adventurers can receive exclusive rewards such as “Ancient Knowledge EXP Scroll Chest” and “[Abyssal-Primal] Memory Imprint Chest,” which will help their journey in the game.

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