Aehra unveils plan for premium EV sedan -.

Italian electric vehicle start-up company Aehra has announced plans to launch an all-new premium EV sedan. Intended to fit into the high-premium segment of the market, the car will therefore sell between $175,000 and $197,000, with deliveries set to begin in 2026.

Aehra’s website notes that the car will target a “driving experience that is always extraordinary” and that it is designed to be just as “beautiful as it is functional” to be. The car even gets double trap doors and a chassis reminiscent of a supercar, even though this is a sedan and not a high performance sports car.

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The sedan’s interior also comes with an elongated yoke-like steering wheel, as well as a full dash-length display interface and media suite. This on top of the fact that the cabin is large enough to accommodate four full-size NBA players.

Aehra also promises that the car will have a battery aimed at a whopping 800 km of driving range, meaning it will blow Tesla and other EV manufacturers out of the water, assuming they don’t ramp up their efforts by 2026.

Aehra plans to be able to produce 25,000 sedans annually by 2026, meaning the cars will be unusual but not incredibly rare.

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Aehra unveils plan for premium EV sedan

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