Binance, Coinbase and Gemini support MiCA export

The crypto exchanges approve the model of regulation carried by theEurope. The opportunity also for these companies to criticize the method in force in the United States and to promote theexport from MiCA.

Major cryptocurrency exchanges have harsh words for the regulatory policy of the SEC. As a reminder of their criticism, they do not hesitate to publicly praise the method adopted by theEurope with MiCA, voted last week.

After the vote, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, promoted the European approach to the regulation of the crypto industry. For the leader, MiCA reconciles consumer protection and support for innovation in “one of the world’s largest markets”.

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MiCA, a pragmatic solution for CZ

The details will matter, but overall, we believe this is a pragmatic solution to the challenges we collectively face.” added CZ, stressing in particular the value of having “clear rules of the game”.

The lack of clarityThis is precisely what these same exchanges reproach the SEC and its regulators more generally. A week earlier, the same Binance boss criticized the policy of the United States as repressive.

“The lack of regulatory clarity is the worst thing. It is better to have bad, restrictive regulations “, he argued. In this matter, he is in line with the CEO of his competitor Coinbase.

The adoption of MiCA is a pivotal moment for the regulation of crypto-currencies. This comprehensive framework will give crypto organizations the confidence to invest and grow in the region.” considers the stock market.

Clarity rather than repression of the SEC

The same is true of Geminiwhich plans to develop a derivatives exchange outside the US. For its co-CEO, Tyler Winklevoss, Europe is clearly and positively asserting its difference in the sector.

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According to him, “US regulators are busy arguing and refusing to provide the greatest clarity to the crypto industry”, unlike Europe.

It is sad to see the US lagging behind such an important technology and its promise.” still regrets the Gemini executive on Twitter.

MiCA is a step forward, but still not enough

Among the members, MiCA does not make on the other hand completely the unanimity. It is the case for example ofAurore Lalucqoften perceived as an opponent by the European and French crypto industry.

“I am particularly proud of the work done on the TFR text. On the other hand, if Mica constitutes a real progress, this text is not not enough to properly regulate cryptos,” she writes, further denouncing “more than a year of cyberstalking, insults, and other gimmicks.”

The Reporter Stefan Berger like the industrialists, plays the European card against the US.

The European crypto-asset sector benefits from a regulatory clarity that does not exist in countries like the United States,” he claims.

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