Apple Card also in Germany? Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s credit card

With the Apple Card, the tech group has released its own credit card.

With the Apple Card, the tech group has released its own credit card.

Apple is known for: iPhones, iPads, Macs, iOS and so on. For credit cards, however, rather less – at least not in Germany. Because in the USA, the company has had its own credit card, the Apple Card, since 2019.

You want to know if and when the credit card will also find its way to Germany? We’ll tell you, along with all the other important information about the Apple Card.

Is the Apple Card available in Germany?

No, the Apple Card is not currently available in Germany. So far, Apple has only offered its credit card in the USA.

When is the Apple Card coming to Germany?

Apple itself has not yet officially announced when it wants to start using the Apple Card in Germany.

However, the company has confirmed several times that it would like to offer the card outside of the USA in the future, especially in Europe.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told BILD that they also have plans for Germany. This had already been confirmed in March by the CEO of Goldman-Sachs, who offer the card together with Apple.

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So far, it is mainly due to the partner bank that the Apple Card can only be found in the USA. As Bloomberg reports, Apple has so far lacked such a partner with a banking license for other markets. However, Goldman Sachs is currently planning to expand its international business in the end customer area, which can be seen as a good sign for the Apple Card in Germany.

Along with the Apple Card, Apple TV was also introduced in 2019. This now has a new feature that protects your health:

How to apply for the Apple Card

In the USA, the Apple Card can be applied for via the in-house wallet app. There you will find a corresponding selection option under Apply for an Apple Card.

The application is then quick: Within a few minutes, users receive an acceptance or rejection. The prerequisite for this is that the person applying must have either US citizenship or a green card, i.e. a residence permit.

Similar registration procedures and conditions could also exist when starting in Germany.

The Apple Card can do that

First of all, the Apple Card naturally offers what all credit cards offer: a payment function. But Apple’s card goes beyond that.

In the USA, the credit card is intended to give users a better overview of their spending. Because they are displayed directly in the wallet app of your iPhone or in the browser. An automatic savings rate function is intended to make it easier to build up assets.

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Other features include:

  • Cashback on credit card purchases
  • 2 percent cashback on purchases via iPhone or Apple Watch
  • Track expenses via Maps card
  • Filter features like search bar, categories and color coding in the app
  • Overview of installment payments including smart payment proposals

A complete overview can be found on the corresponding Apple website.

In addition, the Apple Card looks quite chic – often an important factor for Apple lovers. The card is made of titanium and features the same understated, minimalist design as other Apple products.

Apple particularly emphasizes the material of the credit card.

Apple particularly emphasizes the material of the credit card.

What conditions does the Apple Card offer?

There are no fees for the Apple Card in the US. Apple advertises that you can rely on being safe from hidden fees and additional payments.

How high the credit limit is depends on several factors. According to Apple, partner bank Goldman Sachs uses both income and existing debt, as well as the US credit score and the amount of credit used on other credit cards.

The interest rate can also vary. According to Apple, in the USA this ranges between 15.74 and 26.74 percent APR (annual percent rate).

Now it’s your turn! Would you use Apple’s credit card when starting out in Germany? Or do you prefer to keep your distance from the offer of the tech group? What would Apple have to deliver for this to change? And do you think that the Apple Card will soon be available here as well? Let us know what you think about the topic in the comments!

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