Biden extends Florida disaster declaration to free up more aid in wake of Hurricane Ian

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has extended the disaster declaration issued for the state of Florida to facilitate the additional release of aid following the passage of Hurricane ‘Ian’, which has left nearly a hundred dead and thousands displaced.

The White House has indicated in a statement that the president has thus endorsed that more aid from federal funds be allocated to operations to remove debris and put in place protective measures after the passage of the strong storm.

The executive order previously signed by Biden allowed the release of this aid for a period of 30 days, although this extension offers an additional month of additional assistance paid for entirely by the U.S. federal government.

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The first aid package included funds for temporary shelter and home repairs, as well as loans to cover losses to real estate and other property. In addition, it also allows Florida access to business and self-employment assistance programs.

Authorities continue to assess the extent and cost of the damage caused so far by the hurricane, so new areas eligible for this aid could be introduced.

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