Biden asks to banish hatred after the death of ten people in the New York shooting

The President and First Lady of the United States will travel to Buffalo to accompany the families of the victims


US President Joe Biden has called on his fellow citizens to banish hatred after the death of ten people on Saturday in a shooting in Buffalo, New York, in what the Police consider a racist attack.

“We must all work together to confront the hatred that still weighs down the soul of the United States,” Biden said during an act at the National Monument to the Peacekeepers on Capitol Hill.

“Our hearts are heavy again, but our resolve will never waver. No one understands this more than the people sitting across from me: mothers, fathers, children, family members. No one understands more the people of Buffalo who have received the call”, he indicated, according to the newspaper ‘The Hill’.

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Biden has confirmed that what happened is being investigated as a hate crime and that he is receiving updated information on the progress.

Already on Saturday Biden published a message: “A lone shooter with weapons of war and a soul full of hate shot and killed ten innocent people in cold blood in a grocery store.” “Jill and I stand with all of you and pray for the victims and their families in this devastated community,” she said.

The attacker is an 18-year-old individual identified as Payton Gendron who indiscriminately opened fire on a store in a majority black neighborhood and posted the attack in a live stream on social media. Eleven of the thirteen people hit by the bullets are black.

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It later transpired that Gendron made a “widespread threat” while still in high school, in June 2021, Buffalo Police have revealed. The State Police carried out a mental evaluation of the young man and he was released after being held for a day and a half.

The president of the United States and the first lady will travel to Buffalo on Tuesday “to accompany the community that lost ten lives in a horrible mass shooting,” the White House reported this Sunday.

“On Tuesday, May 17, the President and First Lady will travel to Buffalo, New York, to stand with the community that lost ten lives in a horrific senseless mass shooting,” he said in a statement.

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