Beverly Hills Cop returns in a new formula: where you can see it

The long-awaited sequel to the classic comedy franchise looks set to come with Taylour Paige and Joseph Gordon-Levitt “in tow”.

The actors have reportedly joined Eddie Murphy in the new film titled Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley, which you’ll be able to see on Netflix. Production on the sequel is underway, directed by Mark Molloy. Murphy is back as Axel Foley and will produce with Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman.

The franchise moved from Paramount to Netflix in the winter of 2019 and follows the adventures of the aforementioned cop, who first appeared on screen in 1984. The film became one of the biggest hits of the year and cemented Murphy’s status as a movie star. It was followed by two sequels, in 1987 and 1994 respectively.

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Gordon-Levitt, “on a roll”

Lately, Gordon-Levitt has been busy with the Oscar-nominated film The Trial of the Chicago 7, and in the past year he has worked for both TV and the big screen, starting with the Showtime series Super Pumped, where he played Uber founder Travis Kalanick.

Next up, he will voice Jiminy Cricket in Disney’s Pinocchio. He also recently wrapped production on the drama Providence, opposite Lily James.

Following her successful role in A24 Zola, Paige also became one of the most coveted stars by creators, so it’s no wonder she was cast in this sequel.

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Clearly, it remains to be seen if the new film in which we get to see the three great actors will succeed in bringing back the Beverly Hills Cop spirit of yesteryear. It should be noted that for any sequel to work, it has to follow the old recipe, come up with something new, and somehow seamlessly blend the new and the old, which is no easy task.

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