Beverage manufacturer Gatorade has launched Smart Gx Bottle, the bottle that monitors your hydration

Gatorade, the maker of sports-oriented beverages has created a smart water bottle that connects to your smartphone. This isn’t the first product of its kind, but it could be one of the ones being sold in the market that could be successful with such a well-known brand behind it. The Gatorade Smart Gx Bottle is made specifically to monitor the user’s daily hydration to ensure they get the amount of water they need daily.

Smart Gx Bottle connects to your smartphone and records the amount of water consumed

Gatorade’s Smart Gx Bottle has an LED cap that monitors how much water the user drinks each day. The more the LED circle fills up, the closer you are to meeting your daily water requirement. This means, however, that you only need to drink water from the Smart Gx bottle, not from other containers, to ensure you’re monitoring as accurately as possible.

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The bottle connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to a dedicated app called the Gx App, currently only available on iOS. The app also integrates workout schedules as well as recommendations for recovery after workouts. Gatorade says it will try to add other ways to monitor water consumption from other sources over time. Presumably that means you’ll also be able to add to your total what other fluids you drank during the day.

gatorade smart gx bottle

The “smart” part of the Smart Gx charges from a USB port, and the bottle can be washed in the dishwasher, while the cap, the one with the integrated electronics, cannot. That will have to be washed manually.

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The Smart Gx bottle works in conjunction with the Sweat Patch, launched by Gatorade last year. It will create a sweat profile for the user and monitor the amount of sweat removed. That’s the only way you’ll get a full hydration report from the bottle. Of course, alternatively, you can weigh yourself before and after your workout and enter the data manually for a similar result. Of course, Gatorade also sells electrolyte and carbohydrate capsules in addition to the two smart devices, which can be mixed into the water in the bottle.

The bottle costs $70 in the US and will integrate a sweat patch and four drink capsules.

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