Berlusconi kicks off election campaign and once again proposes minimum pensions of 1,000 euros

The former prime minister and president of the Forza Italia party, Silvio Berlusconi, has kicked off this Friday the election campaign after the fall of the government of the acting prime minister, Mario Draghi, by proposing again to set at 1,000 euros the minimum for retirement pensions in Italy.

Berlusconi has taken the opportunity to confirm that the measure, recurrent on the party’s agenda, is in his electoral program. The roots of this proposal go back to 2001, when the promise was to allocate one million Italian lire (55,000 euros) to pensions.

Thus, he has explained that “in the program there is an increase in pensions.” “They are pensions for our mothers, people who have worked hard, who have worked on Saturdays and Sundays, during vacations, who have the right to a peaceful and dignified retirement,” he has stressed in an interview with the TG5 television channel.

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“There is also the commitment to plant at least one million trees a year on the national territory,” said Berlusconi, who has indicated that these days he has been outlining the program of Forza Italia and the center-right with an eye on the elections of 2023″, now to be held on September 25.

In this regard, he has stressed that this is now an important issue “because we have to deposit the program with the Ministry of the Interior before August 12.” “Ours is a simple program, it has eight fundamental points to restore Italy and alleviate the difficulties of the population”, he added.

“Less taxes, less bureaucracy, less processes, more security for the young, for the elderly, for the environment,” he has said. “The program is based on the traditional fight against those three types of oppression: the bureaucratic, the fiscal and the judicial,” he has maintained.

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On the other hand, he has stated that the “union of the center-right is a source of great satisfaction for because it is their home.” “This exists in Italy only because I founded it and made it possible, and it has to have a liberal, Christian and pro-European connotation”, he pointed out.

“Our electoral lists will be made, as always, by men and women of the highest profile, who have demonstrated with deeds their work and commitment and know how to work with honesty and competence”, he has concluded.

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