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Previously released on Meta Quest and Pico, DARKSWORD: BATTLE ETERNITY, the original dark fantasy VR action-RPG from Com2uS ROCA, is coming to Steam VR this December.

DARKSWORD promises exciting features that will capture the attention of PC VR fans of the genre, including customizable combat styles with swords, shields and bows that offer fast-paced, non-stop combat. Players can participate in a multitude of actions across numerous levels, including Souls-like boss battles that include more than 15 hours of story. Players can forge advanced and formidable weapons to overcome each uniquely designed level that becomes progressively more challenging for victory.

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After the game’s original release this year on Meta Quest and Pico, DARKSWORD managed to capture the attention of the VR content market with a positive impression, currently rated above 4.2/5.0 on Meta and a positive rating of 95% on Pico. It has also been selected as one of the final winners of “Best of Quest 2023” in the “Best Narrative Game” category.

DARKSWORD supports cross-play between Meta and Pico devices, allowing users to collaborate with up to 3 other players in co-op mode. Cross-play compatibility between VR headsets on different platforms is gaining importance, as it can bring more VR gamers together and improve the overall gaming experience.

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DARKSWORD has been going through an exciting period with the recent release of its first major “New Raid Update” in November. This update introduced a new co-op mode to engage in an epic battle to defeat Metatron, a colossal creature tainted by the forces of dark corruption. With the release on Steam, players can enjoy the game with higher quality graphics on the PCVR platform.

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