Audi is planning to test its F1 engine later this year -.

We’ve known for a while that Audi would make its entrance into the world of Formula 1 in 2026, but as that date gets closer and closer, the German auto giant is beginning to show the fruits of its labor as it prepares to join the F1 grid.

As described at the Auto Shanghai show underway, Audi unveiled an F1 car coated in what it calls its “launch color scheme” mentions, and informed us about how the automaker is preparing to enter F1 with its own engine.

Oliver Hoffman, member of the executive board for technical development at Audi AG, stated: “The Audi Formula One project has really taken off in recent months. The ongoing concept phase of the powerplant today lays the foundation for our powertrain for 2026. We attach great importance to detailed work, for example on materials or production technologies, and we are also focusing on topics such as the energy management of the hybrid powertrain.”

Hoffman then revealed that the engine Audi has prepared for F1 will be tested later this year and that the results will be the “basis for the future vehicle concept” will form.

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Audi also revealed that upgrades being made to its Neuberg facility are underway and that when fully completed in early 2024, the facility will be home to Audi Formula Racing GmbH, the F1 racing division.

Audi plans to test its F1 engine later this year

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