At least four migrants dead and 16 injured in Honduras after the vehicle in which they were traveling plunged into a cliff

At least four migrants have died and 16 others have been injured this Saturday in Honduras after the vehicle in which they were being transported illegally plunged into a 25-meter abyss in the border area bordering Nicaragua.

National Police spokesman Miguel Martinez reported that more than 20 passengers were traveling in the vehicle from the border municipality of Trojes to the city of Danlí, both in the department of El Paraíso, in the east of the country, as reported by ‘La Nación’.

The police force has reported that the driver would have lost control of the vehicle due to a mechanical failure, after which he would have fallen more than twenty meters. The driver has not yet been identified, so it is not known if he is among the injured or if he fled after the accident.

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Some of the 16 injured have been seriously injured and have been transferred to the hospital of Danlí, according to the same media.

Official figures show up to 129,348 arrests of migrants in the last year for entering Honduras irregularly, most of them had Cuban or Venezuelan nationality.

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