At least four killed and 25 wounded in new attack on mosque in Afghanistan

At least four people have been killed and 25 others injured in a new attack on a mosque in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, located in the vicinity of the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior.

As confirmed by the spokesman of the Afghan Interior Ministry, Abdul Nafay Takor, the explosion occurred at around 13.30 hours (local time), while some of the employees of the Ministry were praying.

“The investigation into the incident is ongoing and details will be released when the investigation is completed,” Takor added on his Twitter social network profile.

Earlier, the NGO Emergency had confirmed that, following the explosion, it received around 20 patients in emergency, two of whom arrived dead at its health facilities in Kabul.

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While attacks on mosques in Afghanistan have become relatively frequent, this would be the first occasion of an attack inside a Taliban government building since their rise to power in August 2021.

Although different media have pointed out that the event would have taken place in a mosque located inside the Ministry headquarters, Takor has qualified that it is a religious center located near the Interior headquarters.

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