At least four dead in Memphis after shooting broadcast on Facebook

At least four people have died and three others have been injured as a result of a series of shootings in the U.S. city of Memphis, in the state of Tennessee, one of them broadcast live on Facebook by the alleged perpetrator of the attack.

As confirmed by the head of the Memphis Police, Cerelyn Davis, the fact that the event was broadcast on the social network has finally led to the arrest of Ezekiel Kelly as the main suspect in the shootings, CNN reports.

The incident began after midnight (local time), when authorities found the lifeless body of a man. Hours later, already in the afternoon, police officers confirmed a new shooting in the center of the city, where another man was found dead inside his vehicle and a woman wounded.

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At 6 p.m. local time, a non-fatal shooting occurred at a Memphis convenience store, an attack that Kelly streamed on Facebook. Following this, three more incidents were alerted with a balance of two dead and one wounded.

Around 9 p.m. local time, authorities located the prime suspect fleeing the latest crime scene in a gray Dodge Challenger. After a chase along Interstate 55, police were able to stop the vehicle and arrest Kelly.

“I am angry for our citizens who had to take shelter for their own safety until the suspect was caught,” said Memphis Mayor Jims Strickland, who denounced violence as “not acceptable.”

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For its part, Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has reported that it is working closely with the Memphis authorities to clarify the case and added that the video content related to the incident has been removed.

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