Argentine court indicts secondary participants in the assassination attempt on Cristina Fernandez

Justice in Argentina has indicted the secondary participants in the attempted assassination of former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, alleging that both had sensitive information linked to the failed attack on their cell phones.

Thus, Nicolás Gabriel Carrizo and Agustina Díaz, both directly related to Brenda Uliarte — the person who organized the assassination attempt — will continue to be remanded in custody until a trial takes place, according to Télam agency.

Carrizo is the leader of ‘Los Copitos,’ the group of alleged cotton candy sellers for whom the co-authors of the assassination attempt, Fernando Sabag Montiel and Uliarte, worked.

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Diaz, meanwhile, is a friend Uliarte who after the failed attack suggested him to erase all the information from his cell phone and that he had known before that she had acquired a gun, has collected ‘La Nacion’.

In her resolution, the judge in charge of the case considered that “the events of September 1 were the final chapter of the criminal plan previously agreed, designed and studied by Brenda Elizabeth Uliarte, Fernando André Sabag Montiel, Nicolás Gabriel Carrizo and Agustina Mariel Díaz”.

The judge has qualified both Carrizo and Diaz as criminally responsible secondary participants in the crime of “aggravated homicide, aggravated by the use of firearms, aggravated assault and the premeditated concurrence of two or more persons, in the degree of attempt”.

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Likewise, the Argentine Justice has proceeded to seize 100 million pesos (692,522 euros) from each of them.

All in all, Carrizo Díaz have been qualified as secondary authors of the crime, after it has been “accredited” by the messages sent prior to the fact and to which the judicial investigation has had access.

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