Argentina reports the death of two people due to pneumonia of unknown origin

The Ministry of Public Health of the Argentine province of Tucumán announced Wednesday the death of a second person infected by a hitherto unknown virus that caused bilateral pneumonia.

“We have detected six patients suffering from bilateral pneumonia, of whom one — belonging to the health personnel — died last Monday, four are seriously hospitalized, and one is in home isolation,” the provincial Minister of Health, Luis Medina Ruiz, said at a press conference before the second death was announced.

All those infected began to show symptoms between August 18 and 22 and have been tested for COVID-19, Influenza, Influenza A and even B, all tests being negative, as detailed by Medina in declarations to TV Pública.

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“Possibly it is an infectious etiological agent (a virus), and we must prove that and look for what it is, if it is a viral infectious germ of not so severe contagion,” said the provincial Minister of Health, adding that since August 22 there are no new patients with this condition.

In addition, health authorities are working to carry out the investigation of the outbreak, which includes the follow-up of the contacts of the cases and specific control actions in the health center where the outbreak occurred, as detailed by the ministry in a statement.

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All the cases registered correspond to five healthcare workers and one patient in the intensive care department of the private hospital in San Miguel de Tucumán.

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