Apple launches Self Service Repair program in Europe

Apple has announced that its home repair program, Self Service Repair, has finally arrived in Europe. Launched just a few months ago in the US, it gives Apple device users the ability to order genuine parts directly from Apple, something that in the past could only be done at an authorized service facility. At the moment, only a few countries in Europe have access to this service, but the plan is to expand the programme in the future.

iPhone and Mac users in Europe can order genuine Apple parts for home repairs

The first European countries to receive parts for iPhones and Mac computers are Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Those living in these countries can get parts for the most common repairs for the iPhone 12 and 13 series as well as Mac laptops with Apple Silicon processors. So you can buy screens, batteries or other commonly replaced parts at phone service and pretty much any laptop component, from the screen to the motherboard.

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Of course, being an Apple program, it’s not all that simple. After the repair, the replaced part must be sent back for a discount that makes the repair cheaper than a service repair. Customers can also rent the otherwise expensive repair equipment.


“We believe that the best technology for our customers and the planet is technology that lasts, which is behind why we design our products to be durable and rarely require maintenance or repair. But when a repair is needed, we want our customers to have many options available for safe, resilient and secure repairs. That’s why we’re excited to launch the Self Service Repair program in Europe, giving our customers direct access to genuine Apple parts, tools and manuals.”, said Jeff Williams, Apple COO.

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In the UK, still the only way to ensure you get a repair with genuine parts is to go to an Apple authorised service from one of our local partners.

source: Apple

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