Google adds new search options in Gmail and Chat apps

Google is enhancing the Gmail and Chat apps with new features that should return more accurate and personalized search suggestions and results.

Google Search already displays recent searches when you return to the app, helping you pick up where you left off or inspire your next search without wasting time re-entering your entire search phrase. Continuing in the same vein, Google is also adding this functionality to the Googe Chat app, restricting suggestions to previous searches initiated in the app.

New search features in Gmail

Gmail is known more for its generous storage space, interface simplicity and security, but not for the ease with which you can find important messages, especially if it’s been a while since they arrived in your inbox. Google hopes to address this shortcoming by including a new carousel with easy-to-use search filters.

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More than just a search function, the new set of tools allows you to filter messages by easy-to-understand criteria, such as subject and sender/recipient address, type or name of attachments added, and the time frame in which it was sent/received. Properly chosen, all of these options could return a customised list in which, with any luck, the message you want will be included. And if this approach doesn’t immediately lead to the message you’re looking for, try the Search function, for further reduction of the list displayed.

The new set of filters is hidden by default, appearing only when the search box is activated.

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Also, the web version of Gmail will return related results when it can’t find the email you’re looking for. Google said the expansion of coverage to search is to “improve the overall search experience”.

The new features are available to all Google Workspace, G Suite Basic and Business customers, as well as users who use Personal Google Accounts.

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