Apple is working on realityOS, the operating system for the VR device that it will launch

Rumors of the launch of Apple’s smart glasses have been around for several years, and every year it seems that we are approaching an official announcement, but the launch seems to be pushed further and further. Before the augmented reality glasses, however, it seems that Apple will launch a product that aims towards this future, in the form of a virtual reality device, which will probably compete with Meta Quest. We now have the first tangible indication that Apple is working on such a device, in addition to previous leaks: the mention of a new operating system in the App Store code, realityOS.

realityOS will be separate from iOS and macOS

According to several programmers who analyzed the open source code that Apple hosts on GitHub related to certain components of the App Store, there is now the mention “realityOS”, a new Apple operating system. This could be the name of the software dedicated to the virtual reality headset, as we have seen in the past that Apple offers for all its devices.

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We currently have several Apple operating systems, each dedicated to one type of device. It all started of course with macOS, the desktop and laptop operating system. Then came the iPhone OS, which has since become iOS, followed by tvOS, watchOS and, recently, iPadOS.

According to software developer Steve Troughton-Smith, who posted the information he found on Twitter, the fact that we see these mentions in the Apple code could mean that there is already a simulator for this operating system in which you can run code for new devices. , but also that the operating system is separate from the others, having its own independent elements.

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It’s not the first time we’ve heard of such software from Apple

rOS, or “Oak”, codenamed, has been mentioned by Bloomberg since 2017 as a new Apple operating system for AR and VR. Apple bought a company called VRvana at the time, and it seems that work on such a device has been underway ever since.

However, it seems that we could soon see a VR device from Apple in 2023, probably equipped with an Apple Silicon processor similar to the one on Mac systems. For now, however, the company is struggling with overheating, according to the latest rumors.

source: Engadget

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