Apple is probably planning a 14-inch iPad that even outshines current MacBooks

Even bigger than the current iPad Pro series?  Apple is reportedly planning a giant tablet with an OLED panel.

Even bigger than the current iPad Pro series? Apple is reportedly planning a giant tablet with an OLED panel.

Rumors of an OLED offshoot of the iPad Pro series have been circulating online for a long time. Accordingly, these tablets are to be released as early as next year.

New leaks are now emerging about a massive 14-inch iPad Pro that could be superior to the current MacBooks in some respects. iPadOS is said to be optimized by Apple to take a step in the direction of macOS.

iPad Pro with OLED panel, improved iPadOS and M3 chip

If the rumors prove true, next year’s iPad lineup will be even more confusing. In addition to the Pro series with an OLED panel, an “iPad Ultra” is also up for debate, like the prominent one Leaker Revegnus would like to have experienced.

It’s not the first time rumors about such an iPad have surfaced. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has reported on sprawling Apple tablets in the past.

According to the Twitter user, this model includes the following characteristics:

  • M3 chip from Apple
  • 14,1-Zoll-Display
  • An optimized iPadOS operating system

Apple should really show off with the M3 chip and even compete with the current M2 MacBooks. There is speculation about an advanced cooling system instead of small radiators in the case, as the TechSmart website reports.

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This probably results in a limitation of the M3 processor inside the giant iPad. The performance will therefore most likely not come close to the next generation of Apple laptops, which will probably also be equipped with the M3 chips.

The 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro from Apple mainly differ in the display.

The 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro from Apple mainly differ in the display.

In order to exploit the potential of the iPad Ultra, an improved version of iPadOS is also in the pipeline. Apple should implement more features of macOS in the tablet operating system.

However, this version should not see the light of day until 2024 and not when iPadOS 17 is launched in autumn 2023. Exactly how Apple plans to drill into the mobile operating system based on iOS is still in the stars about Cupertino.

Apple: huge iPad with a huge price

There are already rumors of a drastic price increase for OLED iPads next year. The reason: OLED panels for iPads are twice as expensive as displays based on mini LEDs.

Apple could pass on the additional costs to buyers and thus drastically drive up the price of the tablets. There is currently speculation about a price tag of no less than 1800 US dollars for the 12.9-inch model next year.

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The ultra tablet will likely top that record-breaking price point given the larger OLED display.

On top of that, there will probably be an optional, paid keyboard. Overall, the cost of the tablet will dwarf the retail prices of previous MacBook models of the Standard or Air versions.

The iPad line-up is already very diverse

Apple already has a diverse iPad portfolio that doesn’t exactly shine with transparency. In addition to a standard model, there is a mini offshoot as well as an iPad Air and two Pro variants.

All tablets differ in the features, the built-in chips and the supported accessories. For example, the latest iPad Mini supports the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, while the current standard tablet (2022) only supports the 1st generation of the pen.

If you are interested in the 11 or 12.9 inch iPad Pro, there are also differences: only the larger of the two iPads has a mini LED display. The 12.9-inch model also exclusively supports the hover functions of the Apple Pencil (2nd generation).

If you feel overwhelmed by the variety, we recommend our buying guide:

Apple isn’t the only manufacturer with a tablet of this size. Samsung has already launched a 14.6-inch flounder with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

What do you think of tablets with such a screen size? What expectations do you have of such an iPad? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below!

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