Apple investors are not even waiting for VR headsets

Everyone is talking about the XR headset Reality Pro - just not among Apple investors.

Everyone is talking about the XR headset Reality Pro – just not among Apple investors.

Tonight the time has come: The developer conference WWDC 2023 (Worldwide Developers Conference) is just around the corner, at which Apple wants to give an outlook on the planned products for the coming months.

The focus will probably be on the mixed reality headset Reality Pro. The fact that the glasses will be presented is considered an open secret – a recently published Easter egg has already confirmed the appearance of the headset to a certain extent.

The WWDC 2023 is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. German time – you can follow the keynote in our live ticker:

So while the general public is focused on the Reality Pro, Apple investors are already turning their attention to a different topic; at least if you believe the well-known leaker Ming-Chi Kuo on Twitter.

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Apple should do it like OpenAI

According to the tweet, a group of shareholders are said to be significantly more interested in ChatGPT-like services. According to Kuo, the question of when Apple will start with its own artificial intelligence is of much greater importance for the company’s profit-oriented future.

After all, you can expect significantly less sales and profit from the mixed reality headset than would be the case with AI. The best example of this is Nvidia, which exceeded all forecasts with its planned sales figures for the second quarter of 2023.

After all, the Reality Pro isn’t entirely ignored by investors before it’s even unveiled; but here, too, comparisons are made to ChatGPT. It is hoped that the new glasses will have a similar impact on the market as the chatbot has had in the AI ​​segment.

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AI the key to Apple’s long-term success?

In the long term, however, one of the most important factors for the success of XR glasses is whether they can offer successful integration of artificial intelligence and AI-generated content.

If such an AI function is presented at WWDC 2023 and at the same time has high hardware requirements, this could also have a positive impact on Apple’s sales figures. It only remains to be seen whether Apple will actually present the hoped-for AI or whether this time it will only focus on a completely new product category.

What does an artificial intelligence from Apple have to be able to do to convince you? Should it augment Siri or replace it entirely? What do you expect from the mixed reality headset to be presented today? Tell us in the comments!

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