Remnant 2 Trailer Shows Ward 13 and the Mysterious Labyrinth – That’s Gaming

Remnant 2 from Gunfire Games has received a new trailer, revealing two new locations: Ward 13 and the Labyrinth. The former is familiar to fans of the first game and serves as a home base to acquire weapons and armor. With the Root pushed back, it appears to have expanded considerably, with NPCs venturing outside and on the docks.

The Labyrinth, as before, serves as a means for players to travel to other worlds. It is as mysterious and imposing as ever, but it seems that there is some sort of inner sanctum to which one can go. Whether we will learn more about the Labyrinth and its purpose remains to be seen.

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Ward 13 and the Labyrinth join Losomn (formed by the merging of the Fae and Dran worlds) and Yaesha. Each world changes with a new game, with new quests, locations and enemies for players to fight against.

Remnant 2 will be released this summer for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates.

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