Apple has increased the price of the iPad Mini 6, launched a year ago

The announcement of the iPad 10 and new iPad Pro models with M2 processors also hid an unexpected change in Apple’s offering. It seems that alongside the new tablets, Apple has increased the price of one of the tablets already on the market for more than a year. The iPad Mini, launched last year at €550, a price that is now lower than the new iPad 10, has increased in price by €100 overnight, without also receiving a hardware upgrade.

The iPad Mini 6 can now reach a price of over €1,000 in the top variant

Apple has raised prices by about 20% this year wherever it can. First it brought out a new iPhone SE priced $50 higher, then it released a new MacBook Air with M2 at a 20% higher price, then it released significantly more expensive iPhones than in previous years, at least in Europe. This is the first time, however, that we can see a price increase in an Apple product that was unannounced, especially for an already released product.

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The iPad Mini “6”, released last fall, was listed on Apple’s website in Germany for €550 in the base version with Wi-Fi and 64GB storage. The tablet comes with Apple’s A15 chipset, the same one from the iPhone 13 series, and that seems to be the reason for the increased price now. After the launch of the iPad 10, which costs €579 and comes with the Apple A14, the iPad Mini went up to €650, presumably to make a clear performance difference between the two models.

More curious, however, is that now the top model of the iPad Mini, a small-sized tablet that doesn’t even include the M1 chip can jump over €1,000. The 64GB variant with 5G costs €850, the 256GB Wi-Fi variant also costs €850, and the 256GB variant with 5G comes in at €1,050.

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Apple hasn’t made any announcements about the iPad Mini or the reasons for raising prices. Inflation and increased manufacturing and distribution costs due to the chip crisis and expensive shipping could be the reasons why more and more manufacturers continue to price new products over previous generations, or even price out old ones already released.

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