Apple has a new name for its AR and VR operating system: xrOS

Until now, all the information we had about Apple’s first AR/VR device suggested that the name Reality One and the realityOS operating system would be the company’s choice. However, it seems that new information from inside the company suggests that these were not final. Instead of rOS (realityOS) and Reality One, however, Apple could go in the direction of “extended reality”.

xrOS could be the operating system Apple will use on AR and VR devices

Apple is one of the companies that seems to put a lot of emphasis on naming its products and services. When it comes to virtual and augmented reality, Apple seems to want to explain right from the operating system name exactly what to expect. Thus, the name xrOS (exteneded reality OS) would suggest that it is capable of more than virtual reality.

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That’s because what we’re currently calling Reality One, Apple’s VR device that will most likely compete with the Meta Quest Pro, will only be the first step in that direction. It’s quite possible that the device will integrate the necessary cameras to offer AR capabilities as well, but Apple is thinking ahead when developing the new platform.

There have been rumors for years about Apple Glass, the company’s AR glasses that should bring the next generation of wearable devices to market. Glasses like these could be so important that they could completely replace smartphones, so developing software from the ground up with these capabilities would be a market advantage for Apple.

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Of course, the availability of these devices as mass consumer products is a long way off. Rumor has it that Apple will only produce a limited edition Reality One, probably just for software developers. Price will be another impediment to success: prices between $2,000 and $3,000 are expected for an Apple VR device, whereas the Meta Quest Pro at $1,500 is considered a very expensive product.

Apple’s first VR/AR technology demonstration is rumored to take place in January.

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